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Neston Town Council
Telephone :
0151 336 3840

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Introductory Statement :
Welcome to the Neston Town Council website, which provides a guide for visitors and a reference for local people.
We aim to tell you what there is to see and do in Neston, Little Neston, Ness and Parkgate. You can find a Business Directory, an Events Calendar, a list of Local Organisations, Travelling here and Parking and a taste of the area's rich History, Walks, Cycle Rides, and Audio Trails.
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Details on the following can be found on our website.

Local Organisations, Clubs, Societies . . .

Adult Learning
Art and Stage
History, Civic and Conservation
Luncheon Clubs
Open Spaces
Residents Associations
Special Interests
Women's Institutes

Services Offered

Category Sub-Category Title
1. Babies & ToddlersSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
1. Babies & ToddlersEducationEducational Groups
1. Babies & ToddlersSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
1. Babies & ToddlersSocial ActivitiesFitness
2. ChildrenEducation and TrainingEducational Groups
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesFitness
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesEducation
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesFilm
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesIndoor Activities
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesWalking
1. Babies & ToddlersInformation and other support servicesGeneral information services
5. SeniorsEducation and TrainingEducation
3. Students/Young AdultsEducation, Training, Employment / Back to WorkEducation
4. AdultEducation, Training, Employment / Back to WorkEducation
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesFitness
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesFitness
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesFitness
2. ChildrenInformation and other support servicesGeneral information services
3. Students/Young AdultsInformation and other support servicesGeneral information services
4. AdultInformation and other support servicesGeneral information services
5. SeniorsInformation and other support servicesGeneral information services
Make New Friends1. Babies and Toddler (New Mums and Dads)Get Active
Make New Friends2. ChildrenGet Active
Make New Friends3. Students/Young adultsGet Active
Make New Friends4. AdultsGet Active
Make New Friends5. SeniorsGet Active
Make New Friends1. Babies and Toddler (New Mums and Dads)Social Groups
Make New Friends2. ChildrenSocial Groups
Make New Friends3. Students/Young adultsSocial Groups
Make New Friends4. AdultsSocial Groups
Make New Friends5. SeniorsSocial Groups