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Whitby Club
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0151 -200 7050

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Introductory Statement :
Welcome to Ellesmere Ports' Whitby Club
A sociable place to enjoy a wide choice of live entertainment and sport whatever your age or taste
There's always something for you to do and enjoy at this friendly, sports and social 'hub' in West Cheshire
Poker Nights
Quiz Night
Pidgeon Club
and a multitude of sports clubs and entertainment.
Details about the Care Provider :
As we said, there's always something going on at The Whitby Sports & Social Club (or more commonly known as the Whitby 'Hub').

Visit us and you'll discover that you'll never have a reason to be bored again - whatever your age.

The Whitby Club is set in the leafy outskirts of Ellesmere Port, West Cheshire and was formed back in 1971 when it was owned by Shell Oil Company.

Nowadays, membership is diverse covering all age groups from youth Rugby teams to experienced bowls teams, from live gigs with Alternative Indie bands to Country and Folk nights. It is this variety that gives the Club its identity. We love to continue playing a major part in the local area's social and sports calendar.

Whether you're a member or not, you'll always be greeted with a smile and a welcome. So don't be shy, come and pay us a visit. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Until then, "Cheers".

Services Offered

Category Sub-Category Title
6. Make New Friends5. SeniorsSocial Groups
6. Make New Friends4. AdultsSocial Groups
6. Make New Friends3. Students/Young adultsSocial Groups
6. Make New Friends2. ChildrenSocial Groups
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesIndoor Activities
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
6. Make New Friends5. SeniorsGet Active
6. Make New Friends4. AdultsGet Active
6. Make New Friends3. Students/Young adultsGet Active
6. Make New Friends2. ChildrenGet Active
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesFitness
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesFitness
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesFitness
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesFitness