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For more than a decade, Promedica24 have been providing live-in care to vulnerable adults as a genuine alternative to residential care homes.

We are passionate about our client’s right to receive the highest quality of care in the comfort, security and familiarity of their own homes. We believe in the provision of care through kindness, experience, friendship and knowledge.

We offer support for Health Conditions with 24-hour Home Care
End of life, palliative care
Motor Neurone Disease
Parkinson's Disease
Behavioural needs
Physical Disability
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Person-centred home care focuses on individual needs
Personal care services by Promedica24 provide 1-to-1 support rarely, if ever, available in care homes. Our dedicated carers help maintain quality-of-life, normal routines and lifestyle, understanding and adapting to specific care needs.

Because everyone is different, each of our clients receives a personalised care plan (developed from our care assessment tool). A shortlist of highly trained carers is drawn up who are matched to you on personality, lifestyle, hobbies and interests, as well as care requirments. Your chosen home carer will then stay for up to three months before they take a break to alternate with another carer, selected from your current shortlist.

Person-centred care brings you into the decision-making process for your own best health and wellbeing. Our clients are always treated with dignity, compassion and respect, but we aim to do even more than that. That’s why we work collaboratively with you so that you can enjoy your life at home in the best possible health.

It’s so important to us that our clients are able to retain as much independence as possible, not least if personal care needs grow. Living at home minimises the stress and pressure people often feel when health or circumstances change.

Our person-centred home care helps maintain a sense of balance with an individual’s surroundings and immediate environment, exactly as they have always been enjoyed – and continuing, or potentially even starting up – participation in local communities.

Rapid response home care
Do you have emergency or urgent care needs? Contact Promedica24 now to arrange swift, almost immediate urgent live-in care. We respond quickly – but you are still able to consider a suitable selection of care workers.

To choose a live-in carer you are happy with, it is important to complete our in-home care assessment. Matters such as appropriate interests, personality and lifestyle are considered before several matches drawn up.

We aim to find a suitable live-in care worker in as little as 3-5 days. After choosing someone who seems a good match, home care can start immediately; exactly where you belong and prefer to be.

We can supply fully trained care workers to support loved ones as quickly, and often quicker, than trying to organise care with family and relations. Our care workers also come with knowledge and experience to support specific health and recuperation needs.

Urgent care for recovery
When medical emergencies strike it can be traumatic. Whatever might cause the need for urgent home care, many of our clients feel their confidence has been badly shaken. So our live-in care workers work to help re-build strength and resilience.

You may not need our service for long and that’s fine, but you may find one of our companion care workers offers comfort and ongoing support after our emergency live-in care services are no longer required.

Recovery from stays in hospital or unexpected illnesses is understandably easier when short term help can be arranged at home. Promedica24 can provide such respite care for periods of 2-to-6 weeks to aid a smooth recovery and comfortable transition back to health.

Everyone needs a rest from time-to-time and our respite care service offers vital temporary relief for many people (such as relatives and friends who have voluntarily taken on a carer role).

Imagine having someone trustworthy who can take over the reins so that you can enjoy a holiday or a much needed break from being a care worker. You can return feeling rejuvenated and always aware that it’s possible to call on our respite care help any time in the future.

Caring isn’t just our profession, it’s our vocation and passion; our carers are here to make life as bearable as possible at the most difficult of times. Promedica24 provides respite care near you, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Respite care for end-of-life
Respite assistance is also available for end-of-life care to support families and friends at what can be an extremely emotional and traumatic time. Our live-in care workers alleviate some of the challenging burden, managing daily support tasks in the background, allowing you to spend precious time with your loved one.

We understand short-term respite care services can often be required with just a few days’ notice. Because of this, we ensure we act as swiftly as possible. After an in-home care assessment, we can gauge care needs, draw a shortlist of live-in carers and then place your chosen care worker(s) in the home within as little as 3-to-5 days

When selecting a care worker for you or your loved one, we don’t just select based on skills relevant to your particular health needs. We also aim to match carers to your interests, personality and lifestyle so that we can select care workers for you to choose from who are a good fit.

Services Offered

Category Sub-Category Title
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsAlzheimer's / Dementia
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsAlzheimers / Early on-set dementia
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsAutistic Spectrum
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsAutistic Spectrum
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsAutistic Spectrum
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsAutistic Spectrum
6. Make New Friends3. Students/Young adultsBefriending
6. Make New Friends4. AdultsBefriending
6. Make New Friends5. SeniorsBefriending
6. Make New Friends2. ChildrenBefriending
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsBreathing conditions
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsBreathing conditions
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsBreathing conditions
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsBreathing conditions
5. SeniorsCare, Carers and RespiteCare at Home
4. AdultCare, Carers and RespiteCare at Home
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
2. ChildrenPalliative and Hospice CarePalliative Care
3. Students/Young AdultsPalliative and Hospice CarePalliative Care
4. AdultPalliative and Hospice CarePalliative Care
5. SeniorsPalliative and Hospice CarePalliative Care
2. ChildrenWellbeing for the bodyPhysical aids for the home
3. Students/Young AdultsWellbeing for the bodyPhysical aids for the home
4. AdultWellbeing for the bodyPhysical aids for the home
5. SeniorsWellbeing for the bodyPhysical aids for the home
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
2. ChildrenCare, Carers and RespiteRespite care
3. Students/Young AdultsCare, Carers and RespiteRespite care
4. AdultCare, Carers and RespiteRespite care
5. SeniorsCare, Carers and RespiteRespite care
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsCancer
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsCancer
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsCancer
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsCancer
8. CoronavirusAdviceAdvice and advice services